Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wilson School Light Interiors

These images were taken at the Wilson School in Bozeman. This could be the beginning of a light project, heavily influenced by Richard Ross.

I took these photos in April 2008 while taking Non-Fiction photography, but have revisited them this week.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Contemporary photographers from presentation

Chris Jordan creates massive digital montages showing only the same object repeated thousands of times as a social commentary. His images include composites of handguns, prison uniforms, aluminum cans, plastic bags, and other objects.

Loretta Lux was a painter before she was a photographer and uses her own painted backgrounds in the surreal children's portraits she creates.

Jeff Wall describes his work as "Near Documentary". He recreates events as accurately and realistically as possible, and then photographs them for a documentary feel. He's famous enough that he doesn't need his own website. His work can be see on the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Modern Art.

Photomontage (combination printing) artist Henry Peach Robinson wrote in Pictorial Effect in Photography:
Any dodge, trick and conjuration of any kind is open to the photographer's use. It is his imperative duty to avoid the mean, the bare and the ugly, and to aim to elevate his subject to avoid awkward forms and to correct the unpicturesque.
Robinson created his famous image "Fading Away" in 1858 from seven negatives.

Simen Johan
-- humor and absurdity